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Vehicle air conditioning repair & recharging services from £48.50!

Stay Cool this Summer with Carl Wigg Auto Services Lowestoft

Expert Air-Conditioning Recharge Services

We now offer the very cool service of Air-Conditioning Recharging! Bring back to life your cars full potential to keep you looking and feeling super fresh this summer.

With the use of the latest in air-con recharging equipment, we can top up and test for leaks in no time at all.

It’s important to get your vehicle’s air-conditioning recharged at least every 2 years. This ensures the system remains at optimal efficiency as approximately 10% of your air-con gas is lost each year.

With a less effective air-conditioning system, certain fungal and bacterial contaminations can begin to negatively affect the air flow and smell of your car’s interior.

Our expert team will make sure you have cool fresh air circulating through your car on even the hottest and stickiest of summer days. Just pop into the Garage and leave the rest to us.

Lowestoft air conditioning recharge services, pop along to our garage on Stanley Street or give us a call on 01502 572 711