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We don’t need to tell you the catastrophic results that can occur from faulty brakes on your car. Everyone knows that keeping your braking system in good working order is vital for safe driving.

Inspection of your car’s brakes is an important preventative measure you need to have carried out on a regular basis. Here at Carl Wigg Auto Services we work hard to ensure your brakes meet full safety standards and operate at optimal efficiency. We’re able to spot any potential problems before they become something more dangerous.

If your brakes feel like they’re sticking, making squeaking noises or pulling your vehicle to the side when breaking, then it’s imperative you bring your car in for break servicing.

Using sophisticated technology and tools we’ll test your vehicle’s breaking system for any malfunctions and wear. From these studies we’ll be able to tell you clearly what needs fixing or replacing. Our team of mechanics will guarantee your vehicle leaves the garage with your entire breaking system in the best possible condition.

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