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Have your tyres and wheels checked, repaired or replaced

Old, worn or badly fitted tyres are a hazard. Not only are they more likely to get you into an accident but they also increase your fuel consumption. Maintaining good tyres is both safer and more cost effective in the long run.

At Carl Wigg Auto Services we can provide you with a full high quality tyre service. Our team of expert mechanics will inspect your tyres and if required, fit new ones that match the specifications of your vehicle.

We can also make modifications to tyre pressure and wheel balance to ensure your car is perfectly road worthy. Over or under-inflated tyres are can lead to serious tyre damage which can negatively impact the rest of your vehicle.

All checks, repairs and replacements we make are strictly in line with legal requirements and safety standards. We make sure the tyre tread is at the right depth and that the rubber is in good condition for both dry and wet weather.

Get in touch today for more information on our tyre services or to book an appointment. We are situated on Stanley Street or give us a call on 01502 572 711

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